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The Agelity Discount Prescription Drug Program boasts the largest pharmacy discount network in the country with well over 56,000 participating pharmacies including just about every major pharmacy chain from CVS to Wal-Mart.

Visit Agelity for program details, frequently asked questions, saving tips, pharmacy locator, drug pricing, and to print your own discount prescription card.

Peace of Mind

To sign up for this new service call toll free 855-872-8404.

Farm Bureau members can now rest a little easier, knowing their loved ones are protected in their own homes, with just the push of a button. Peace of Mind Alert is a new member benefit for IFB and includes one free month of monitoring and no activation fee.


Injuries resulting in falls is has long been a health problem for older adults. The National Safety Council estimates that persons over the age of 65 have the highest mortality rate from injuries from falls. In fact, falls account for about one-half of deaths due to injury in the elderly.


The Peace of Mind Alert system consists of three parts; the personal help button, master unit and response center. The personal help button is available as a necklace or bracelet and should be worn at all times by the member. When pressed, it activates the master unit, which conveniently plugs into any type of telephone connection in the home. The master unit immediately calls the response center and within seconds, a trained care specialist will speak to the member over the base unit. Depending on the emergency, emergency medical service, police, fire, or friends and family will be notified of the situation.


Peace of Mind Alert master unit is waterproof (safe for the bathroom), compatible with all types of telephone connections and has a range of 600 feet from the base unit- the longest on the market.  Their 911 trained and certified care specialists are able to assist with medical emergencies, as well as equipment questions.


To sign up for this new service call toll free 855-872-8404.

QualSight LASIK (formerly Amerisight)

Laser eye surgery at a savings of more than 40-55% off the national average cost for members.

Call Amerisight at 877-507-4448 to find the closest location to you.


Upon scheduling the initial appointment, QualSight will collect a 100% refundable deposit of $450. If for any reason you choose not to have the surgery, this deposit is refundable with a simple phone call. In addition, this deposit is not an additional charge; it is part of your total price for LASIK. For certain co-managed locations, there will be an additional $150 doctor’s office fee which is part of the total price for LASIK if you choose to have the procedure.


Saving is easy. Simply present the ScriptSave® Prescription Drug Savings Card the next time you or a family member fill or refill a prescription and receive instant savings. No paperwork or claim forms to fill out.

To learn more, visit the ScriptSave website and log in with your IFB Group #162W.


The Scriptsave card can be obtained in three ways:

1. Downloaded online at, enter group number 162W, enter your membership number, complete enrollment information and print out card

2. Call 1-800-700-3957

3. Call the FB office.

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