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Being an advocate for ag just got easier.


Here's something you already know: Every day, politicians and regulators make decisions that impact the way you farm.


Here's something you may have overlooked, though: politics have changed – a lot! 

Don't feel discouraged. You can take back your influence in Washington, Springfield and your own backyard with Illinois Farm Bureau's FB ACT (Farm Bureau Agricultural Contact Team) program.


FB ACT started as a group of men and women who had an interest in the legislative process. That used to work. Today, your voice can easily be drowned out by others speaking louder than you.


When you join FB ACT, you are asked to do two things: Vote and respond to action requests by emailing, posting on social media or calling your elected officials on key agricultural issues.


Your involvement in legislative and political activities will help to build your relationship with your elected officials and make these tasks easier, but most find these two tasks to be pretty simple ways to protect their farms. 


The FB ACT program also helps you find a comfortable, effective way to become an advocate with POW! Maybe it's emailing your legislator after you've put the kids to bed, speaking about an agricultural issue to your church group or starting a conversation on social media with your elected officials.


Whether you are already an FB ACT member or just curious about the program, call your county Farm Bureau and learn what new opportunities await you. Learn how you can act today and win tomorrow.

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